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Dear Effie provides short-term bereavement support services for children and families affected by the death of an immediate family member. 


Counselling can provide a confidential and safe space to help children discover the tools and perspective to navigate the tough times and find healthy ways to manage life moving forward.

Support Groups

Grief support groups offer the opportunity to share your experience, build connections and reduce feelings of isolation.


Therapy encourages open and honest expression of emotions, allowing children to process their grief, share their experience, and explore their feelings in a supportive environment.


By providing coping mechanisms, helplines and expert advice, grief resources contribute to emotional well-being, offering tools to manage the emotional challenges associated with loss.

We deeply understand the difficult journey that has brought you here, and we want you to know that you're not alone. 

At Dear Effie, our heartfelt condolences go out to anyone who has experienced the pain of loss. Each of us on our team has known the profound impact of losing someone dear, and that's why why we're here to guide you toward the support you need, quickly and compassionately.

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If you're seeking support for a bereaved child, please complete our online application form.

We are not a mental health or crisis intervention service. If you or someone you love are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 111.