Compassionate support for
grieving hearts. 

Dear Effie connects children and families in the Canterbury region with the mental health resources to support them through the profound challenge of losing a loved one.
We work tirelessly to secure funding for counselling, therapy, and support services, ensuring that no family is left to face their grief alone. Through our network of dedicated professionals and generous donors, we empower those who need our support to find hope, build resilience, and unlock the strength to heal.

Dear Effie is Canterbury's first childhood bereavement charity, providing vital support to children and their families after the loss of someone important.
Join us in supporting Canterbury families in need and be a part of creating a compassionate community that helps foster healing and resilience during the most challenging times.

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Dear Effie is inspired by a special little soul named Effie Hurley 

Dear Effie is more than just a charity; it's a loving embrace for grieving families.

Our journey began with the memory of Effie Hurley, a sassy, bright spark who, at just 3 years old, inspired us to create a sanctuary of healing for families navigating the challenging path of grief.