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At Dear Effie, we're dedicated to providing essential support to children coping with grief, and it's your kindness that keeps us going. Your support fuels our mission, helping us support those in need during their toughest moments.
Thank you for joining us in making a real difference in the lives of children and families as they navigate the challenging journey of grief.

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T he passing of a loved one can shake a Child’s world, leaving behind a trail of grief that's difficult to navigate alone. For many, this experience marks a pivotal moment, shaping their emotional and psychological well-being for years to come.

At Dear Effie, we personally understand the gravity of this journey. We know that without proper support, children can face immense challenges  - but we also believe in the power of intervention, in the transformative impact that timely and compassionate support can have on a child's life.

Dear Effie is dedicated to helping children find hope in the midst of loss. With your help, we can continue this mission, reaching even more children in their darkest hours. With your generosity, we can provide the lifeline that allows us to extend our arms to these grieving children and their families. With your support, we can offer them the guidance, resources, and comfort they need to navigate their grief and rebuild their lives.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference. We so appreciate you joining us in our commitment to supporting children navigating grief. Together, we can ensure that no child in Canterbury has to face loss alone.

Thank you for your generosity and your compassion.

Symone & Shaun 

A photo of Symone Hurley, Co- founder of Dear Effie, the Grief Support Charity and Effie's Mum, looking at the camera and smiling.

Symone Hurley

Co-Founder & Effie's Mum
A photo of Shaun Hurley, Co- founder of Dear Effie, the Grief Support Charity and Effie's Dad, looking at the camera and smiling.

Shaun Hurley

Co-Founder & Effie's Dad